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 8/15/2021 The Bullish/Bearish Indicator was in double digit Bearish territory all week suggesting stock would pull-back. DJIA -1.11% IWM -2.54% CORRECT
 8/9/2021 Thurs and/or Friday should close higher DJIA, SPY and SPX closed higher on both days. CORRECT
 8/9/2021 Stocks should close lower on Tuesday and/or Wednesday.  Both days closed higher WRONG
 8/8/2021 Monday and or Tuesday should close higher. DJIA, SPY and SPX all closed higher on Tuesday. With Monday closing down, the odds of a higher Close on Tuesday was over 90% CORRECT
 7/25/2021 Thursday is the most Bullish day of the week so expect a higher close.  DJIA +0.44% CORRECT
 7/25/2021 Tuesday is the most Bearish day of the week DJIA closed -0.24% CORRECT
 7/22/2021 Friday should close lower.  DJIA close +0.68% WRONG
 7/17/2021 When the Moon is in Scorpio like it was on Sunday and Monday, one of those two days should close lower.  DJIA closed down -2.09% on Monday CORRECT
 7/15/2021 NFLX Jul16 535 Puts were recommended for Friday. Open $0.60 High was $7.79 CORRECT
 7/15/2021 The AAPL Jul16 148 Puts were recommended for Friday. Open was $0.38 High was $2.00 CORRECT
 7/14/2021 Thursday and Friday are the only two Bearish days for the week. Should see a pull-back on at least one of those days, most likely on Friday. Both days saw lower closes. CORRECT
 7/13/2021 Space weather disturbance Tue-Thur. Stocks should lose ground during this period. DJIA, SPY, SPX and IWM all lost ground. IWM lost -3.99% CORRECT
 7/13/2021 Wednesday is likely to see a higher close. DJIA +0.13% CORRECT
 7/11/2021 Monday is the most Bullish day of the week. Should see a high close. DJIA closed up 0.36% CORRECT
 7/6/2021 SPY Puts should rise in price today Jul09 430 Puts opened at $0.56 and hit a high of $2.00 CORRECT
 7/4/2021 The Venus oppose Saturn aspect on the 6th should cause a reversal down. As of 7/8/2021 The DJIA is down -1.05% CORRECT
 6/22/2021 With Tuesday closing higher, we should expect a move lower on Wednesday.  DJIA, SPY and SPX all closed lower. CORRECT
 6/13/2021 The Saturn square Uranus aspect on the 14th should see a trend reversal to the downside. DJIA dropped sharply CORRECT
 6/13/2021 Space weather disturbance this week should bring stocks down. DJIA lost 3.45% CORRECT
 6/8/2021 One or more of the next 2 days, jun 10 Jun 11, will close higher.  Both days closed higher. CORRECT
 6/1/2021 UNG will rise in price between June 9th and June 28th. UNG gained 12% CORRECT
 5/30/2021 One or both of the first two trading days of the month usually close higher.  DJIA closed higher on both days. CORRECT
 5/30/2021 One of these days will close lower: Tues, Wed and/or Thur.  Thursday closed lower CORRECT
 5/20/2021 Gold will fall in June. GLD lost 6% CORRECT
 5/14/2021 Wednesday did not close higher. This greatly increases the chance of a high close on Thursday which is the most Bullish day of the week.  DJIA +1.29% CORRECT
 5/13/2021 Expect Wednesday to close higher.  DJIA -1.99% WRONG
 5/12/2021 +/- 1-day of the 14th usually see a higher close.  The 13th and the 14th both closed higher CORRECT
 5/3/2021 Thursday and Friday are looking Bearish. At least one of them will close lower. Friday being the most likely.  Both days closed higher. WRONG
 4/25/2021 Friday should have a lower close.  DJIA -0.54% SPY -0.66% SPX -0.72%  CORRECT
 4/25/2021 One of the last two trading days of the month will usually close lower.  DJIA closed down -0.50% on Friday CORRECT
 4/25/2021 Wednesday should close lower. Most Bearish day of the week.  DJIA -0.48% SPY -0.03% SPX -0.08% CORRECT
 4/25/2021 Thursday is now the most Bullish day of the week so expect a higher close.  DJIA +0.71% SPY +0.66% SPX +0.68% CORRECT
 4/18/2021 Thursday closed lower so a higher close on Friday is almost a sure thing. I bought binary options  Friday closed up 0.67%. Sold binary options for a 75% profit. CORRECT
 4/18/2021 Stocks tend to hit a low around the 20th of the month then move higher.  The 19th and 20th both closed lower. The DJIA gained ground one Wednesday thru Friday. CORRECT
 4/18/2021 This week looks Bullish, but cycle are starting to turn down.  It was an up and down week. CORRECT
 4/11/2021 Mon, Tue and / or Wed should see moves of greater than 1%  NDX moved over 1% on Tuesday and Wednesday. MIXED
 4/11/2021 This week looks Bullish DJIA, SPY and SPX all gained more than 1%. NDX was up 1.42% CORRECT
 3/28/2021 3/29/2021 -- NOAA has lowered the A & Kp index numbers for Monday and Tuesday, but they are still in double digits. We should see a lower close on Monday and/or Tuesday  DJIA closed lower on Tuesday. CORRECT
 3/28/2021 One or both of the last two trading days of the month usually closes lower.  DJIA closed down on both days: -0.31% -0.26% CORRECT
 3/28/2021 Should see a pull-back on Monday and/or Tuesday.  Tuesday DJIA -0.31% CORRECT
 3/21/2021 Could see a dip on Monday or Tuesday.  All indexes closed lower on Tuesday with the IWM down -3.63% CORRECT
 3/21/2021 The forecast in the OSS Nightly Indicators newsletter was for a Bullish first half of the week, and a Bearish second half. DJIA 0.53%, -0.39%, 0.58%, -0.46%, -0.71%  CORRECT
 3/21/2021 This week looks very Bullish.  DJIA +1.36% SPY +1.67% CORRECT
 3/21/2021 Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday should close higher. Thursday looks the strongest.  DJIA closed higher on Thursday and Friday. CORRECT
 3/21/2021 Volatility indicator rises to 3 on Tuesday. We should see move on Monday and/or Tuesday of > 1%  On Tuesday the DJIA, SPY, SPX, IWM and NDX were all down by over 1% CORRECT
 3/14/2021 Stocks usually dip between the 14th and the 20th DJIA +0.53% -0.39% +0.58% -0.46% -0.71% CORRECT
 3/11/2021 Friday is Bearish DJIA +0.90% WRONG
 3/7/2021 Volatility Indicator is at 4 (high) on Tuesday. Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday should see a 1% move.  Stock indexes had moves of over 1% on Tuesday. CORRECT
 3/3/2021 One or more of these days should move by 1%: Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday. Tuesday saw moves as large as 4% CORRECT
 3/1/2021 Mercury Latitude is green on Thursday. That means one or more of the following days will finish higher: Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday. With Wednesday and Thursday closing lower, we knew Friday had to close higher.  DJIA +1.85% CORRECT
 3/1/2021 The Moon is now in Scorpio. This sign sees more pull-backs than any other sign.  Both days saw a pull-back. DJIA -0.39% -1.11% CORRECT
 2/21/2021 The high volatility number for Wednesday alerts us to a +/- 1% move on Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday. On Wednesday we got the move.  Wednesday indexes moved higher by over 1% Thursday indexes moved lower by over % CORRECT
 2/21/2021 Monday looks possibly Bearish due to the high A & Kp indexes.  DJIA 0.09% SPY -0.75% SPX -0.77% IWM -0.65% NDX -2.63%  CORRECT
 2/21/2021 24th is a key date. Watch for a reversal.   DJIA: +0.09% +0.05% +1.35% -1.75% -1.50%  CORRECT
 2/21/2021 First part of the week looks Bullish  DJIA: +0.09% +0.05% +1.35% -1.75% -1.50%  CORRECT
 2/7/2021 Wednesday should close higher  DJIA +0.20% CORRECT
 2/7/2021 Tuesday is the most Bearish day of the week.  DJIA -0.03% The largest daily loss of the week. CORRECT
 2/4/2021 Friday should close lower. DJIA +0.30% WRONG
 1/10/2021 The week looks Bearish DJIA -0.91% SPY -1.45% SPX -1.45% CORRECT
 12/30/2020 Thursday should close higher DJIA +0.65% CORRECT
 12/27/2020 Monday should close lower DJIA +0.68% WRONG
 12/22/2020 Wednesday will close higher. DJIA +0.38% CORRECT
 12/20/2020 Begging of the week looks really bad. SPY -0.34% -0.17% +0.08% CORRECT
 12/15/2020 Wednesday will close lower  DJIA -0.15% CORRECT
 12/14/2020 Tuesday will close higher  DJIA +1.13% CORRECT
 12/14/2020 Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday should close higher. Monday closed lower, so odds are high Tuesday will close higher.  DJIA +1.13% CORRECT
 12/14/2020 Friday will close lower  DJIA -0.41% CORRECT
 12/14/2020 Wednesday will close lower  DJIA -0.15% CORRECT
 12/2/2020 Friday should close lower  DJIA +0.83% WRONG
 12/1/2020 One or both of the first two trading days of the month will close higher. DJIA close up on both days: +0.63% +0.20% CORRECT
 12/1/2020 Wednesday should close higher.  DJIA +0.20% CORRECT
 12/1/2020 Wednesday should close higher.  DJIA +0..20% CORRECT
 11/29/2020 The week looks Bullish.  DJIA gained 1.03% CORRECT
 11/27/2020 One or both of the last two trading days of the month will close lower. DJIA close higher on the first day then lower on the second: +0.13% -0.90% CORRECT
 11/25/2020 Friday should close higher.  DJIA +0.13% CORRECT
 11/22/2020 Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday will close lower.  Wednesday close -0.58% CORRECT
 11/22/2020 First part of the week is Bearish.  DJIA +1.12% +1.54% -0.58%  WRONG
 11/19/2020 Friday is expected to close lower.  DJIA -0.75% CORRECT
 11/16/2020 Lots of stocks made double tops on Monday. A good indicator for a 2 to 4 day move lower.  DJIA -2.32% over the next 4 days. CORRECT
 11/15/2020 Monday had the highest Bullish energy. DJIA +1.60% the largest one day gain for the week. CORRECT
 11/15/2020 Monday and Tuesday have the most Bullish energy. Does not mean they will close higher, maybe they have the least losses.  DJIA gained 1.04% on Monday and Tuesday. It lost -1.76% the rest of the week. CORRECT
 11/15/2020 Overall the week looks Bearish  DJIA -0.73% CORRECT
 11/15/2020 Tuesday and Friday had the most Bearish energy for the week. Tuesday had a -0.56% loss, and Friday had a -0.75% loss. CORRECT
 11/12/2020 Friday should close higher.  DJIA close up 1.37% CORRECT
 11/8/2020 A large move can be expected in the beginning of the week.  DJIA was up over 700 points on Monday. CORRECT
 11/1/2020 Expect problems with communication.  US elections gone awry. CORRECT
 11/1/2020 Bullish count is highest in the beginning of the week DJIA +1.60% +2.06% +1.34%  CORRECT
 10/25/2020 Latter part of the week should be the most Bullish.  Thursday and Friday saw a loss of 0.07% which was more Bullish than the -6.52% loss in the beginning of the week. CORRECT
 10/19/2020 Space weather disturbance will occur from Oct 20th thru Oct 26th. We should see a large dump on one of these days. The DJIA was down over 700 points on Oct 26th  CORRECT
 10/15/2020 With Thursday's close lower, we can now expect a higher Close on Friday.  DJIA +0.39%  CORRECT
 10/12/2020 On Friday, the Number Nine indicator dropped from 4 to 1, plus the candlstick indicator dropped to -5. Both indicatoed a lower close on Friday  DJIA -0.48% on Tuesday  CORRECT
 10/12/2020 Tuesday should close lower  DJIA -0.55%  CORRECT
 10/4/2020 Some high volatility numbers. Should see some large moves this week.  DJIA moved more that +/- 1% on the first 3 days of the week CORRECT
 10/4/2020 Friday should close higher  DJIA +0.57% CORRECT
 10/1/2020 Lunar Latitude was at -3 on Thursday. The day of, before or after should finish lower. The day of and the day before both closed higher, so a strong chance Friday will close lower.  DJIA -0.45% CORRECT
 9/28/2020 One of the last two days of the month should see a lower close. We got that on Tuesday.  DJIA -0.48% on Tuesday CORRECT
 9/28/2020 One of the first two trading days of a month should see one close higher. DJIA +0.13% on Thursday.  CORRECT
 9/23/2020 Friday will close lower.  DJIA +1.34% WRONG
 9/22/2020 Should see a higher close on Wednesday  DJIA -1.92% WRONG
 9/21/2020 Should see a higher close on Tuesday  DJIA +0.52%  CORRECT
 9/16/2020 Friday looks like another lower Close.  DJIA -0.88%  CORRECT
 9/9/2020 Should see a higher Close on Friday  DJIA +0.48% CORRECT
 9/8/2020 Stocks have retreated 3 days in a roll. Usually, pull-back are exhausted after 3 days. Given the positive indicators in the Matrix, we should expect a higher Close on Wednesday.  DJIA +1.60% CORRECT
 9/8/2020 Stocks have retreated 3 days in a roll. Usually, pull-back are exhausted after 3 days. Given the positive indicators in the Matrix, we should expect a higher Close on Wednesday.  DJIA +1.60% CORRECT
 9/1/2020 With the higher Close on Tuesday, a higher Close on Wednesday is expected.  DJIA +1.59% CORRECT
 8/30/2020 Sept is going to be a Bearish month for stocks, and other things. The latter part of the month looks the worse.  DJIA hit a low of -5.57% and closed the month down -1.97%. As forecasted, the low came in the latter part of the month. CORRECT
 8/30/2020 On Friday, Venus will form a square aspect with Mars. This usually leads to a significant drop in stocks within +/- 5 days of the aspect.  DJIA Thursday: -2.78%, Friday: -0.56 CORRECT
 8/26/2020 Most Bearish indicators were on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday look Bullish.  DJIA +0.30%, +0.57%  CORRECT
 8/25/2020 With Monday close higher for stocks, we have to expect a lower Close on Tuesday.  DJIA -0.21% SPY +0.35%  MIXED
 8/18/2020 I expect Friday to close higher, and possibly much higher as Saturday has a Volatility number of 4.  DJIA +0.69% CORRECT
 8/17/2020 Wednesday and Thursday are the most Bearish days of the week. With the mixed results on Monday and Tuesday, I expect we'll see a pull-back over the next two days.  DJIA -0.31% +0.17% CORRECT
 8/9/2020 Monday has a very high volatility number. Expect a +/- 1% move on Monday or Tuesday.  DJIA +1.30% CORRECT
 8/5/2020 Friday should close lower.  NDX closed lower while other indexes saw gains of 0.07% MIXED
 8/5/2020 Tuesday has a High volatility number. Expect a significant price move in the beginning of the week.  Wednesday close up 1.39%. The most Bullish day of the week. CORRECT
 8/5/2020 Monday or Tuesday should close lower. Both days close higher. WRONG
 8/3/2020 Overall, the week looks Bullish  DJIA closed higher each day. CORRECT
 7/19/2020 Thurs. Could see a lower close due to the Bullish/bearish count dropping and the A & K(p) popping a little higher.  DJIA -1.31% CORRECT
 7/19/2020 With the Bullish/Bearish count on Mon-Wed at 11, the highest for the week, we should expect stock to be Bullish. DJIA +0.62% CORRECT
 6/21/2020 Wednesday / Thursday look Bearish.  DJIA -1.54% CORRECT
 5/24/2020 Wednesday is likely to close higher.  DJIA +2.21%  CORRECT
 5/24/2020 One of the last two trading days of the month usually closes lower.  DJIA -0.58% -0.07%  CORRECT
 5/24/2020 Expecting Bullish activity mid week.  DJIA +2.17% 2.21% -0.58%  CORRECT
 5/10/2020 Stocks should pull-back on Wednesday DJIA -2.17 CORRECT
 4/27/2020 Wednesday and/or Thursday should close lower  DJIA +2.21% -1.17%  CORRECT
 4/27/2020 Stocks should close lower on Wednesday.  DJIA +2.21%  WRONG
 4/27/2020 Stocks should close lower on Tuesday  DJIA -0.13%  CORRECT
 4/20/2020 Stocks should close higher  DJIA -2.67%  WRONG
 4/12/2020 Bearish energy Mon-Wed  DJIA -1.39% 2.39% -1.86%  CORRECT
 4/12/2020 Latter part of the week should be Bullish  DJIA +0.14% +2.99%  CORRECT
 4/12/2020 Thursday is looking Bullish  DJIA +0.14%  CORRECT
 4/6/2020 Tuesday should see a lower close. DJIA -26.13 CORRECT
 3/29/2020 Thursday is the most Bullish day of the week.  DJIA +2.24%  CORRECT
 3/29/2020 The Tuesday Mars Conjunct Saturn is very Bearish.  DJIA -1.84%  CORRECT
 3/29/2020 Friday is Bearish  DJIA -1.69%  CORRECT
 3/22/2020 With Monday closing lower due to some very Bearish aspects, we need to expect a sudden influx of Bullish energy on Tuesday.  DJIA +11.37%  CORRECT
 3/22/2020 There is a new moon on Tuesday. Stocks usually move higher a few days before and after.  DJIA -3.04%, +11.37%, +2.39%  CORRECT
 3/22/2020 The next aspects that has my attention is the Bullish Venus/Jupiter aspect on Friday. It will exert a strong influence on Thursday.  DJIA 6.38%  CORRECT
 3/12/2020 With a Close lower on Thursday, we now expect a Close higher on Friday.  SPX +9.29%  CORRECT
 3/4/2020 Thursday is now Bearish. Expect a lower close.  DJIA -3.58% CORRECT
 3/3/2020 With the Venus/Saturn aspect behind us, stocks should close higher on Wednesday.  DJIA +4.53% CORRECT
 3/1/2020 First part of the week is clearly Bearish.  DJIA 5.09%, -2.94%, 4.53%, -3.58%, -0.98%  WRONG
 3/1/2020 More high volatility this week.  DJIA Daily Closes: 5.09%, -2.94%, 4.53%, -3.58%, -0.98%  CORRECT
 2/23/2020 Troubled waters ahead this week and next. Expect wild swings.  Markets Crashed  CORRECT
 2/9/2020 We should see more lower closes this week than higher closes.  3 out of 4 days closed lower  CORRECT
 2/5/2020 Friday should close lower.  SPX -0.54%  CORRECT
 2/3/2020 Should see a higher Close on Tuesday.  SPX +1.50%  CORRECT
 1/21/2020 Wednesday looks Bullish  SPX +0.03  CORRECT
 1/15/2020 Friday should close lower.  SPX +0.39%  WRONG
 1/14/2020 Tuesday should close higher  SPX +0.84%  CORRECT
 1/5/2020 Friday looks Bearish  SPX -0.46%  CORRECT
 1/5/2020 Thursday looks Bullish  SPX +0.74%  CORRECT
 1/2/2020 Friday should close lower  SPX -0.71%  CORRECT
 12/29/2019 Tuesday should see higher prices now that the negative energy has past.  SPX +0.29%  CORRECT
 12/17/2019 With Mondays higher close, Tuesday is likely to close lower.  SPX +0.02 WRONG
 12/8/2019 Tuesday should close lower.  SPX -0.38%  CORRECT
 12/3/2019 The S&P 500 Futures should close higher on Wednesday. US 500 closed up 0.65% CORRECT
 12/1/2019 Tuesday should close lower due to a large number of Bearish aspects around that day. DJIA closed lower -1.01% CORRECT
 12/1/2019 Very high volatility on Tuesday  DJIA moved -1.01% CORRECT
 11/24/2019 Friday should close lower  SPX -0.40%  CORRECT
 11/24/2019 Wednesday should close higher.  SPX -0.40%  CORRECT
 11/17/2019 Thursday is the most Bullish day for the week so we should expect a higher close.  DJIA -0.20%  WRONG
 11/17/2019 The Tue-Thu period is looking Bearish.  DJIA -0.36%, -0.40% and -0.20%  CORRECT
 11/17/2019 A (Kp) Index gets Bearish on Wednesday and Thursday. One of those days should close Lower.  DJIA Closed lower both days.  CORRECT
 11/10/2019 Friday should close higher  SPX 0.77%  CORRECT
 11/10/2019 Tuesday and/or Wednesday should close higher.  SPX 0.16% 0.07%  CORRECT
 11/3/2019 Wednesday and/or Thursday should close higher.  SPX 0.07%, 0.27%  CORRECT
 11/3/2019 Beginning of the week is more Beaish than the end of the week.  SPX 0.37%, -0.12%, 0.07%, 0.27%, 0.26%  CORRECT
 10/27/2019 Thursday should close higher.  DJIA -0.52%  WRONG
 10/27/2019 The Moon in in Scorpio on Monday and Tuesday. This also suggests one of these days must close lower.  DJIA -0.07%  CORRECT
 10/21/2019 The Mars square North Node on Tuesday should give us a lower close on Tuesday or Wednesday.  DJIA -0.15% CORRECT
 10/15/2019 Thursday looks Bullish as of the Close on Tuesday.  DJIA +0.09%  CORRECT
 10/15/2019 Close Higher% appears to be 1-day ahead or behind. Regardless which it is, both predict a down day on Wednesday.  DJIA -0.08%  CORRECT
 10/9/2019 Friday could be another up day.  DJIA +1.21%  CORRECT
 10/8/2019 Tuesday looks like it will close lower.  DJIA -1.19%  CORRECT
 10/8/2019 With Monday and Tuesday both closing lower, the probability of a close higher on Wednesday is greatly enhanced. Subscribers have been given instruction to profit from this set-up.  DJIA +070% Option profit 90%  CORRECT
 9/29/2019 Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday and Wednesday. One of these days should close lower.  DJIA lost -3.47%  CORRECT
 9/29/2019 One or both of the first two trading days of the month usually closes higher.  Both Closed lower  WRONG
 9/29/2019 Appears to be most Bearish in the beginning of the week.  DJIA -2.78% Latter part of the week DJIA +0.03%  CORRECT
 9/22/2019 Monday and/or Tuesday will finish higher.  DJIA +0.06%, -0.51%  CORRECT
 9/22/2019 The LN Cycle chart for the DJIA has been predicting a major drop this week.  DJIA: Tuesday -1.28%. Wednesday -1.86%  CORRECT
 9/22/2019 Tuesday and/or Wednesday will finish lower.  DJIA -0.53%, +0.61%  CORRECT
 9/15/2019 Thursday is likely to close lower.  DJIA -0.19%  CORRECT
 9/15/2019 Should see a move higher on Monday and/or Tuesday. With the recent activity in Oil over the weekend, I would be looking for a high close on Tuesday.  DJIA +0.13%  CORRECT
 9/15/2019 Friday should close lower  DJIA -0.59%  CORRECT
 9/9/2019 Expect stocks to finish higher on Tuesday the 10th. DJIA +0.28% SPX +0.03% CORRECT
 9/3/2019 The date Sept 6th has closed higher 9 of the last 13 years with an average gain of 2.26% Expect it to close higher.  DJIA 0.26%  CORRECT
 8/28/2019 GBTC should bounce higher the next few days. It moved from 11.86 to 12.93 CORRECT
 8/25/2019 The Moon is in Scorpio Tues-Thurs. One of these days will finish lower On Tuesday the DJIA closed down -1.08%  CORRECT
 8/25/2019 Wednesday should finish higher  DJIA 1.00%  CORRECT
 8/25/2019 Monday/Tuesday. One of these days should finish higher, and the other lower.  DJIA 1.05%, -0.47%  CORRECT
 8/20/2019 Friday should see a higher close. DJIA -2.37% WRONG
 8/20/2019 Should see a large move on Friday DJIA -2.37% CORRECT
 8/19/2019 After Monday's close up, a close lower is expected on Tuesday. DJIA -0.66% CORRECT
 8/5/2019 Stocks should close higher on Tuesday  DJIA up 1.21%  CORRECT
 8/5/2019 Stocks should move higher during the Tuesday-Wednesday timeframe.  SPY 1.21%, 0.13% 1.952%  CORRECT
 7/28/2019 Tuesday should close higher.  DJIA lost -0.09%  WRONG
 7/16/2019 Stocks should close lower on 7/17/19  DJIA -115.78 (-0.42%)  CORRECT
 7/16/2019 Bearish signs mid-week  DJIA -0.09%. -0.42%. 0.01%  CORRECT
 7/3/2019 Silver will rise over the next two weeks.  It has gone from 15.34 to 15.97 as of 7/17/19  CORRECT
 6/30/2019 July 2nd and 3rd look Bullish DJIA +0.26% +0.67% CORRECT
 6/9/2019 Stocks should close lower on Friday 6/12/19  DJIA -0.17 CORRECT
 6/3/2019 Expect stocks to close higher on 6/4/19  DJIA +2.06% CORRECT
 5/26/2019 Overall, the week looks bullish.  DJIA lost over 700 points WRONG
 5/26/2019 Stocks should finish higher on Friday 5/31/19.  DJIA -1.41% WRONG
 5/26/2019 Stocks should finish higher on Thursday 5/30/19 DJIA +0.17 CORRECT
 5/21/2019 Stocks should close lower on Wednesday 5/22/19.  DJIA -0.39% CORRECT
 5/21/2019 Stocks should close lower on Wednesday 5/22/19.  DJIA -0.39% CORRECT
 5/21/2019 Stocks should finish higher on Thursday 5/23/19  DJIA -1.11% WRONG
 5/21/2019 Friday, 5/24/29 should finish higher  DJIA +0.37% CORRECT
 5/19/2019 Should see a +/- 1% move in stocks on at least one day Tue-Thru  DJIA -1.11% on Thursday 5/23/19 CORRECT
 5/19/2019 Monday is leaning Bearish.  DJIA -0.33% CORRECT
 5/13/2019 CSCO should move higher due to a cyclical inversion.  5/16/19 it popped 6.66% CORRECT
 5/13/2019 You should expect Friday to close lower.  DJIA -0.38% CORRECT
 5/12/2019 Volatility is high on Tuesday. You should expect a move in the DJIA of +/- 1% on Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday.  Monday, 5/13/19, the DJIA closed down-2.38% CORRECT
 5/5/2019 Stocks should finish higher Friday 5/10/19  DJIA +0.44% CORRECT
 5/5/2019 Stocks should finish higher Tuesday 5/7/19  DJIA -1.79% WRONG
 5/5/2019 Stocks should finish lower Monday 5/6/19  DJIA -0.25% CORRECT
 4/29/2019 Friday is the most Bullish day of the week. It should close higher.  IWM +1.91%  CORRECT
 4/29/2019 Stocks should close higher on the 1st  DJIA -0.61% WRONG
 4/29/2019 Stocks should close lower on the 30th.  Indexes mixed MIXED
 4/14/2019 DJIA should close higher on Tuesday  DJIA +0..26  CORRECT
 4/7/2019 Watch for futures to get Bullish for awhile after 3AM on April 10th  CORRECT
 4/7/2019 Thursday should close lower  CORRECT
 4/7/2019 Friday should close higher. Most Bullish day of the week.  CORRECT
 3/31/2019 Stocks should close higher on Monday  DJIA +1.27%  CORRECT
 3/31/2019 Stocks should close lower on Tuesday.  DJIA -0.30%  CORRECT
 3/24/2019 Stock should close lower on Thursday, 3/28/19  DJIA +0.36 WRONG
 3/24/2019 Stocks should close higher on Tuesday  Indexes closed up 0.77%  CORRECT
 3/24/2019 Stocks should close lower on Monday  Indexes were mixed  MIXED
 3/17/2019 Monday should close higher  DJIIA 0.25%  CORRECT
 3/17/2019 Thursday should close higher. If not, then Fri will.  Thursday saw all stock indexes close higher.  CORRECT
 3/17/2019 Stocks should close higher or lower (+/-1%) on Wed and/or Thursday  Thursday saw a move higher of over 1% in most indexes.  CORRECT
 3/17/2019 Gold has a 70% to close higher on Friday  GLD 0.23%  CORRECT
 3/17/2019 Gold should close lower on Thurs  GLD -0.4%  CORRECT
 3/17/2019 Friday has a 66% chance of Closing lower  DJIA -1.77%  CORRECT
 3/17/2019 Wednesday should close lower  DJIA -50%  CORRECT
 1/2/2019 Thursday, 1/3/19, should see the S&P Futures close higher. Stocks tanked.  WRONG
 12/31/2018 One and/or both of the first two trading days of the month should finish higher. 01/02/19 saw the DJIA close +0.08% CORRECT
 12/30/2018 Monday, 12/31/18 should see a move in stocks of +/- 1% DJIA closed up 1.15%. CORRECT
 12/27/2018 One and/or both of the last two trading days of the month should close higher. 12/31/19 saw the DJIA close up +1.15% CORRECT
 12/17/2018 Stocks should close higher on Tuesday DJIA and SPX finished up while SPY and IWM finished lower. MIXED
 12/11/2018 A move of over +/- 1% should happened on Friday  SPX-1.91%  CORRECT
 12/11/2018 Stocks should finish higher on Wednesday.  SPX 0.54%  CORRECT
 12/10/2018 Should see a rise in stocks this week with the 14th being a pivot date.  SPX 0.18% -0.04% 0.54% -0.02% -1.91%  CORRECT
 12/10/2018 Mon, Tue, and/or Wed should see higher closes for Stocks.  Mon and Wed closed higher  CORRECT
 12/10/2018 Stocks should finish higher on Tuesday  SPX -0.04% WRONG
 12/2/2018 Tues, Wed and Thur see the Bearish set up of the Moon in Scorpio. Stocks should see a lower close on Tues and/or Thurs.  SPX -3.24% -0.15%  CORRECT
 12/2/2018 This week's indicators are a sea of red. SPX closes: 1.09% -3.24% -0.15% -2.33% -4.60%  CORRECT
 12/2/2018 Mon had a very high Volatility number, highest Bullish/Bearish Indicator for the week and the Lunar Declination at 0° which is also Bullish.  SPX Closed up1.09%  CORRECT
 12/2/2018 Thur and/or Fri should close lower, and do so in a big way.  SPX -2.33% -4.60%  CORRECT
 11/29/2018 The Bearish Venus/Neptune is goind to flip polarity before the Open. This will produce a Bullish influence. The Venus/Uranus aspect is also Bearish, but mush less so. Its influence will exist throughout the day, but I don't think it can stop the raging Bull.  Stocks finished higher.  CORRECT
 11/29/2018 US Dollar futures have a reversal date on 12/03/18 with a +/- 2-day window. CORRECT
 11/28/2018 12/3/18 is a reversal date for the IWM. Reversal dates have a +/- 2-day window. It turned right on the 3rd. CORRECT
 11/28/2018 The VIX had a projected reversal date on 12/3/18 CORRECT
 11/27/2018 GBP/JPY Should finish lower on the 11/28/18  Closed higher WRONG
 11/27/2018 Stocks should close lower on Thursday the 29th  DJIA -0.11%  CORRECT
 11/25/2018 High volatility numbers for Monday. Should see a move in price over 1%  DJIA 1.46%  CORRECT
 11/25/2018 Monday is Bulllish  DJIA 1.46%  CORRECT
 11/19/2018 Stocks should close higher on Tuesday  SPX -1.82%  WRONG
 11/18/2018 Extreme volatility this week.  DJIA -1.56%, -2.21%, 1.49%, -0.73%  CORRECT
 11/16/2018 AA has a reversal date on 11/19/18 CORRECT
 11/14/2018 Gold should finish higher on Thursday  0.28% CORRECT
 11/12/2018 Gold should close higher on Tuesday GLD 0.04% CORRECT
 11/11/2018 Mon and Tue should see stock close lower. SPX -2.32% and -0.40%  CORRECT
 11/11/2018 Mon and Tue are Bearish  SPX -1.97%, -0.15%  CORRECT
 11/11/2018 Venus goes Direct on Friday. Bullish.  SPX 0.49% CORRECT
 11/11/2018 Wed to Fri is Bullish.  SPX 0.51  CORRECT
 11/4/2018 Stock should close lower on Wed and/or Thur. Stock finished higher on Wed, then lower on Thursday. CORRECT
 10/30/2018 Stocks should close higher on Thursday DJIA 1.06% CORRECT
 10/28/2018 Monday and Tuesday had high volatility numbers. You expect to see the DJIA make moves of +/- 1% or more.  Monday it close -0.99% and 1.77% on Tuesday. CORRECT
 10/8/2018 Latter part of the week looks bad. Thursday and Friday look really bad. Could start on Wednesday.  DJIA lost -4.13%  CORRECT
 10/8/2018 Wednesday is reversal day for Silver. Gold is following the cycle that is now moving up.  CORRECT
 10/4/2018 Downtrend into the middle of Oct. CORRECT
 10/1/2018 Financial sector should be dropping during the first half of Oct.  CORRECT
 10/1/2018 Big dip for the DJIA in the first half of Oct.  CORRECT
 9/2/2018 This is a holiday week. These usually see a reversal. Previous week was up, so this week should be down.  DJIA finished the week -0.19% lower  CORRECT
 9/2/2018 Friday the 7th should finish lower.  DJIA -0.31%  CORRECT
 8/29/2018 Strong chance stocks will finish lower on Thursday the 30th.  DJIA -0.53%  CORRECT
 8/26/2018 Stocks should close higher on the 27th and/or the 28th  DJIA closed higher on both days CORRECT
 8/20/2018 Stocks should close lower on 8/20/18 and/or 8/21/18 DJIA closed -0.34% on 8/21/18 CORRECT
 8/20/2018 Stocks should close higher on 8/24/18 DJIA closed +0.52% CORRECT
 8/13/2018 Stocks should close lower on 8/15/18 and/or 8/16/18 with the second date having a great chance than the first. DJIA close -0.54% on 8/15/18 CORRECT
 8/13/2018 Stocks should close higher on 8/14/18 and/or 8/16/18. Chance of a higher close are greater on 8/14/18 DJIA closed +0.45% on 8/14.18. CORRECT
 8/7/2018 Stock should close lower on 8/9/18 and/or 8/10/18 DJIA close lower on both dates: -0.18% and -0.29% CORRECT
 8/7/2018 Stocks should close higher on 8/7/18 and/or 8/8/18 with the greatest chance being 8/8/18. DJIA close +0.50% on 8/8/18 CORRECT
 7/29/2018 Stocks should close lower on 7/30/18 and/or 7/31/18 DJIA closed lower on 7/30/18 CORRECT
 7/29/2018 Stock should close higher on 8/1/18 and/or 8/2/18. SPY, SPX, IWM, NDX all closed higher on 8/2/18. DJIA closed down -0.03% MIXED
 7/5/2018 Expect stocks to finish higher on Friday.  DJIA +0.41%  CORRECT
 7/1/2018 This is a holiday week. Expects stocks to turn around and move higher.  Stock started a strong rally CORRECT
 6/29/2018 Expect Stocks to close lower. Stocks finished higher WRONG
 6/27/2018 Expect Friday to Close lower.  Stock finished higher WRONG
 6/24/2018 The week ahead is nothing but a sea of red.  Yup. It was pretty bad. CORRECT
 6/17/2018 Ugly beginning to the week. CORRECT
 6/13/2018 The sum of all DSL indicators for Saturday is a huge -12. I would expect this to negatively affect stocks on Friday.  DJIA -0.34% CORRECT
 6/12/2018 Lunar and Mercury Declination are Bearish on Friday, and Venus Latitude is Bearish on Thursday. Expect a pull-back.  Wednesday through Friday saw a pull-back. CORRECT
 6/9/2018 Expect Friday to move higher. Bullish indicators are Lunar Declination, Entry in Aries and a Bullish/Bearish count moving up by 4.  DJIA +0.30% CORRECT
 6/7/2018 Expect a lower Close on Thursday  Most stock indexes close lower CORRECT
 6/4/2018 Expect a lower Close on Tuesday  DJIA -0.06% SPX +0.07% MIXED
 5/31/2018 Expect a higher Close on Friday  DJIA +0.90% CORRECT
 5/31/2018 Expect one of the last three days to see a +/- 1% move in the DJIA.  All 3 days had such moves: -1.58%, 1.20%, -1.02%  CORRECT
 5/22/2018 Expect a Close higher on Wednesday.  DJIA -1.02%  WRONG
 5/15/2018 Stocks are expected to finish higher on Wednesday  DJIA +0.25% SPX +0.41%  CORRECT
 5/14/2018 AAPL is expected to close lower  -1.71% CORRECT
 5/14/2018 Stocks are expected to close lower on Tuesday the 15th.  DJIA -0.78%  CORRECT
 5/13/2018 The Bearish 11 Indicator on Tuesday suggests that Monday or Tuesday will finish lower.  DJIA results: Monday +0.27%, Tuesday -0.78%  CORRECT
 5/10/2018 AAPL is too far above the green line. Expect a pull-back next week.  Fell from $190.04 to $185.11 finding support at the green line.  CORRECT
 5/9/2018 Stock should finish higher over the next two days. One day may be down, but the two days combined should see higher prices The DJIA finished up 0.80% on Thursday, and 0.37% on Friday. CORRECT
 5/8/2018 I expect the SPY to finish higher on Wednesday May 9th SPY finished up 0.97% CORRECT
 5/6/2018 The price of crude is expect to finish the week higher. Opened the week at $69.85 and finished the week at $71.45 CORRECT
 5/6/2018 This is a very Bullish week. Expect a strong move higher. DJIA finished higher every day for the whole week. It finished +2.34% for the week. CORRECT
 5/3/2018 US 500 is expected to close lower  It finished higher CORRECT
 5/2/2018 US 500 is expected to close higher  It finished higher WRONG
 4/18/2018 I EXPECT stock to close lower  Stock did finish higher. CORRECT
 4/17/2018 I expect stock to close higher  Stock finished much higher CORRECT
 4/9/2018 Stocks should close tomorrow higher. DJIA closed +1.79% CORRECT
 4/2/2018 With stocks closing lower on Monday, and one or both of the first two trading days of the month usually closing higher, there is a good chance of a higher close on Tuesday.  DJIA Closed up 1.65% CORRECT
 4/1/2018 Wednesday has the most Bullish score (7). Tuesday or Wednesday are expected to have the largest move for the week.  Wednesday had the largest move up. CORRECT
 4/1/2018 Things look much more Bullish this week than last week.  Previous week finished lower. This week finished higher. CORRECT
 4/1/2018 Monday should be Bearish. DJIA closed down -1.90% CORRECT
 3/26/2018 Friday or Thursday should see a move of over +/- 1% in the DJIA Friday was a holiday. Thursday's Close for the DJIA was +1.07 CORRECT
 3/26/2018 The middle of the week is most Bearish.  DJIA Closes for the week were: 2.72%, -1.43%, -0.04%, 1.07%  CORRECT
 3/26/2018 One or both of the last two trading days of the month usually finishes lower.  DJIA finished lower on Wednesday while Thursday finished higher. CORRECT
 3/11/2018 First part of the week is forecast to be Bullish Stock moved lower all 3 days. WRONG
 3/8/2018 GSK should now move lower from 36.46 Hit a low on 3/22/18 of 36.13 CORRECT
 3/8/2018 $GC should turn down within a few days. 3/08/18 price was 1318. 3/16/18 price was 1309. CORRECT
 3/4/2018 The Volatility index raised to a 5. Very high. Expecting a move of over 1% in stock indexes. DJIA +336.70 (+1.37%) SPY +3.11 (1.16%) CORRECT
 3/1/2018 Stock should move lower Feb 27 to Mar 1. It was predicted by the OSS INDICATOR CALENDAR. See here: Stock sold off strongly.  CORRECT
 3/1/2018 2018 Bitcoin Forecast predicts a pull-back in stocks over the next few days. CORRECT
 2/27/2018 The 28th and the 1st have some high volatility numbers. Expect some large moves.  On the 28th, the DJI dropped -380 points CORRECT
 2/27/2018 One of the next two days should finish higher. The 28th finished lower which greatly increased the odds that the next day would finish higher. CORRECT
 2/26/2018 One or both of the last trading days of the month usually finishes lower. This month, both days finished lower.  Both the 27th and the 28th finished lower CORRECT
 2/26/2018 The OSS INDICATOR CALENDAR is pointing to a move lower for stocks. They dumped. CORRECT
 2/25/2018 Some time this week, a low in the $VX is expected. The them moves rapidly higher. This is are the same time the INDICATOR CALENDAR goes bearish for stocks. A low formed on Monday the 26th. CORRECT
 3/16/2017 GLD hit a reversal date. It should turn around and head lower. Dropped from 128.3 to a low of 123.58 on March 1st. CORRECT
 2/4/2017 XRT: Expecting a move higher now. XRT rallied strongly this week. CORRECT
 1/30/2017 One of the first two trading days of the month should finish here.  2/1/17 was the first trading day, and stocks finished higher. CORRECT
 1/30/2017 Nat Gas should move lower this week. A clear move lower. CORRECT
 1/29/2017 One of the last two days of the month will see a lower close for stocks. DJIA was off over 100 points on Monday. CORRECT
 1/28/2017 The highest volatility count for the week was on Thursday when the V2 indicator reached a high of 14. The largest Close for the week, whether up or down, should have occurred within 1 day. The largest Close was on Wednesday when the SPX closed up 18 points. CORRECT
 1/27/2017 XBI -- Bullish the last two weeks. Finished higher both weeks. CORRECT
 1/22/2017 XLV -- Another week down and we should see a bottom. Bingo!  CORRECT
 1/21/2017 A Bullish Lunar indicator on Thursday suggests the market will move higher on one of the days within a +/- 1-day window. There are a couple of Bearish indicators the day before and after. Stocks had their most Bullish close on Wednesday. CORRECT
 1/21/2017 Cycle Count Indicator is negative all week. NOAA's Planetary A-Index is Bearish for the week. The Venus square Saturn aspect on Friday adds more Bearishness to the week. Prediction is that stocks will move lower. Stock moved strongly higher. WRONG
 1/21/2017 There is a short-term (2-3 days) reversal indicator on the 25th. Both the 24th and the 25th finished higher. The 26th and 27th both finished lower. CORRECT
 1/21/2017 A Bearish Moon indicator on Wednesday suggests the stock market will close lower on one of the days within a +/- 1-day window. Tuesday and Wednesday both finished higher, so we expected Thursday to finish lower. Most indexes did with the exception of the DJIA CORRECT
 11/10/2016 Pesky 11 Indicator occurs on Friday the 11th. Stock should finish lower. Some closed up and some closed down. MIXED
 11/9/2016 Thursday the 10th has 3 Bullish Lunar indicators. Unusual. Expect a close higher for the DJIA DJIA closed up 218.19 CORRECT
 11/7/2016 V1 and V2 volatility indicators are EXTREMELY high. DJIA closes for the week: 371, 73, 256, 218, 39. CORRECT
 11/6/2016 SI (SILVER) is Bearish CORRECT --> It was down -5.75 from last Friday's close. CORRECT
 11/6/2016 KC (COFFEE) predicted to move down. CORRECT --> It moved higher on Monday, then fell to a low of 157.9 on Friday. That was a -8.37% loss for the week. CORRECT
 11/6/2016 ES (S&P 500 FUTURES) and NDX (NASDAQ 100) should move higher this week. CORRECT --> BOOM! Up they went. CORRECT
 11/6/2016 DX (US DOLLAR INDEX FUTURES) should move higher. CORRECT --> The high for the week was 4747. From the Close on the previous Friday, that was a 4% gain. CORRECT
 11/6/2016 NG (NATURAL GAS) was predicted to move lower. CORRECT --> Last Friday's Close was $2.78. This week's Friday low was the low for the week at 2.55 (-8.27%) CORRECT
 11/6/2016 HG (COPPER) predicted to move down. WRONG --> Bad boy of the week. Predicted to move down, and form a low on the 10th that would be lower than the most recent low in Oct. at 2.08, it took off like a rocket reaching a high of 2.71 (20.44%) then closed Friday at 2.50 (11.11%). Curious the percentage gain for the week is made up of 11's on the very day that the pesky number 11 indicator occured and the date was 11/11/16. WRONG
 11/6/2016 C (CORN) predicted to move higher WRONG --> Fell -2.02% for the week.  WRONG
 11/6/2016 CL (CRUDE LIGHT OIL) is Bullish for the week. MIXED --> It moved into the Close on Wednesday, then dropped sharply on Thursday and Friday. Ended the week down -3.65% MIXED
 11/3/2016 A monthly reversal indicator is suggesting the market will move higher starting on the 3rd or 4th One of the biggest moves I have even seen. CORRECT
 10/24/2016 BBR Indicator predicts a higher close on the 25th Correct CORRECT
 10/9/2016 The Gold and Silver reversal indicator is pointing to a move higher for Gold Correct CORRECT
 10/9/2016 BBR Indicator says stocks will close higher on the 10th. Correct CORRECT
 8/23/2016 Stock will finish lower on the 24th. Correct --> SPY SPX IWM DJIA all finished lower. CORRECT
 8/22/2016 Stock will finish higher on the 23rd. Correct --> DJIA +18.01 That was a 100% profit on our US 500 Binary Options. CORRECT
 8/22/2016 Stocks will finish higher tomorrow, Aug 23rd Nice gap higher! CORRECT
 8/18/2016 Stocks should close lower on Friday the 19th due to the BBR Indicator Correct --> Stock did finish lower. The DJIA was down -0.24% CORRECT
 8/18/2016 The Directional Indicator says stocks will finish lower. Wrong --> All indices finished higher WRONG
 8/16/2016 Stocks should finish higher on Wednesday the 17th due to two Bullish astrological aspects and a Bullish Lunar Hot Date. I gave it a double Bullish rating. Correct --> Stocks did finish higher with the DJIA up 0.12%. Not much of a move, but enough for us to make a 100% profit on Binary Options. CORRECT
 8/16/2016 Stocks will finish higher so says the BBR Indicator. Correct --> DJIA 0.12%, SPY 0.19% CORRECT
 8/15/2016 The Gold reversal indicator said Gold should be higher starting on Monday. Correct --> It rose Monday through Thursday just a hair shy of the previous week's high. CORRECT
 8/12/2016 Stocks will finish lower.  Correct --> DJIA closed down -37.50 CORRECT
 8/10/2016 We had a total of 4 indicators all pointing to a lower finish on the 10th. Correct --> DJIA -37.38 (-0.21%) CORRECT
 8/10/2016 BBR Indicator suggests stock will finish higher on Thursday, Aug 11, 2016 Correct --> DJIA closed up 117.38 CORRECT
 8/8/2016 The Moon will transit through Scorpio on the 9th, 10th and the first part of the 11th. Stocks should be down by the Close on the 10th. Correct --> Tuesday the DJIA gained 3.76 points. Wednesday it lost -37.39. Once again stocks lost ground during the Moon's transit of Scorpio. CORRECT
 8/8/2016 The Directional Indicator says stocks will finish higher on the 9th. Correct --> Stocks did finish higher CORRECT
 8/1/2016 Stocks will see a trend reversal due to the VL Indicator which reaches a turning point. One of the best Indicators in my toolbox CORRECT -- Although the chart shows only one day after the reversal, the change in price was enough to pick-up a 50% profit. CORRECT
 8/1/2016 Gold will move lower after Wednesday, Aug. 3. Correct -- Doubled our money on the GLD AUGWK2 129 PUTS. CORRECT
 5/13/2016 The DJIA should finish higher Didn't happen. WRONG
 5/12/2016 The DJIA should finish higher Correct --> The DJIA finished up 9.38 points CORRECT
 5/11/2016 The DJIA should finish lower. Correct --> The DJIA finished down -217.23 points. CORRECT
 5/10/2016 The DJIA should finish higher Correct --> The 10th finished up 222.44 points CORRECT
 5/9/2016 The 9th and/or 10th should see a 3-digit move in the DJIA. Correct --> The 10th finished up 222.44 points CORRECT
 5/5/2016 DJIA should finish lower Correct --> DJIA finished up 79.92 points CORRECT
 5/4/2016 DJIA should finish lower Correct --> DJIA finished down -99.65 points CORRECT
 5/3/2016 DJIA should finish lower Correct --> DJIA finished down -140.25 points CORRECT
 5/2/2016 Volatility indicators are high Monday through Thursday suggesting any one of these days will see a 3-digit move in the DJIA. The period from Monday to Wednesday is the strongest. Correct --> Monday and Tuesday both saw 3-digit moves in the DJIA. CORRECT
 5/2/2016 Stocks should finish lower tomorrow.  Wrong --> They finished higher. WRONG
 4/25/2016 Large moves in Silver very likely. SLV closed the previous week at 16.14.  Correct --> Rose to 17.09 (6%) this last week. CORRECT
 4/25/2016 Expect stocks to start losing ground. Correct --> SPY Previous week's Close was 208.97. This week's close was 206.33  CORRECT
 2/22/2016 Strong indication of a move lower for the DJIA  Correct --> DJIA closed down -188.88 points. CORRECT
 11/24/2015 The stock indices will close lower on the 25th They closed lower except for the DJIA which closed up 1 point. MIXED
 8/17/2015 Spiral Forecast -- My best guess is a move higher for stock in the beginning of the week, and a flat or Bearish market towards the end of the week. Correct -- Got a bump higher on Monday and then increasing bearishness to the end of Friday. CORRECT
 8/10/2015 After last week’s sell off, I would expect a pop higher this week. Correct -- DJIA finished the week with a 104.02 gain. CORRECT
 8/10/2015 There is high volatility the first three days of the week, with the highest on Wednesday.  Correct -- The DJIA saw 200 point moves on Monday and Tuesday CORRECT
 8/10/2015 The calendar period of the 10th to the 14th is usually Bullish. The 14th is the most Bullish day of any calendar day. If selling continues into the 12th, then the chance of a move higher on the 13th and 14th is increased. Correct -- The 10th to the 14th finished higher. The 13th and 14th mboth finished high. CORRECT
 7/22/2015 Selling is expected on the 23rd and 24th due to an uptick in NOAA's Planetary A-Index. The uptick moves the indicator to double digits for the next two days. Correct --> DJIA was down -119.12 points on the 23rd and -163.39 on the 24th. CORRECT
 7/20/2015 My TA% indicator moved above 70% two days in a row during the previous week. I predicted stocks would move lower the end of the previous week or this last week.  Correct --> DJIA lost -517.92 points for the week. CORRECT
 7/20/2015 WFC (Wells Fargo) was predicted to go lower.  Mixed --> It did finish the week lower, but had gone much higher during the week.  MIXED
 7/20/2015  C (Citigroup) was predicted to go lower.  Mixed --> It did finish the week a hair lower, but had gone much higher during the week. MIXED
 7/20/2015 Wed. Thurs. and/or Fri. would see a 3-digit move in the DJIA.  Correct --> Thurs. and Fri. saw 3-digit moves. CORRECT
 7/20/2015 Stocks predicted to go lower, and something to happen along the lines of Mars and/or Uranus.  Correct --> Shooting (Mars=Violence) in Lafayette.  CORRECT
 7/20/2015 GLD predicted to go higher.  Wrong --> WRONG
 7/20/2015 OEF predicted to go lower.  Correct --> CORRECT
 7/20/2015 XLF predicted to go lower.  Correct --> CORRECT
 7/20/2015 SPY predicted to go lower.  Correct --> CORRECT
 7/20/2015  IWM expected to go lower.  Correct --> CORRECT
 7/20/2015 The lastter part of the week should be more Bearish than the beginning of the week. This was based on a Bullish Lunar indicator and the Bullish Sun Trine Saturn aspect in the beginning of the week, and the strongly Bearish Mars square Uranus aspect in the latter part of the week. Correct --> Mon. was the only day that finished higher. CORRECT
 7/7/2015 Stock will finish lower on Wednesday. Correct -- DJIA closed down -261.49 (-1.47%). CORRECT
 7/6/2015 Tuesday July 7th should see the SPY finish higher. Correct -- SPY finished higher CORRECT
 7/6/2015 This was posted in this week's OSS INDICATORS newsletter: '........ Planetary A-Index and Solar Winds are pointing to selling. The Sun will set-off the Uranus/Pluto square which has been hanging around for a couple of years now. Watch for Pluto events (Banks and debt) and Uranus events (surprise, Technology, aerospace and natural catastrophies like earthquakes, storms, etc.). Pluto and Uranus both rule nuclear power. Fukashima happened in 2011 as this aspect started. Iranian Nuclear issue has been a big deal the last few years.' Correct -- Tuesday, July 8th: UAL booking systems goes down. NYSE stops trading for 3.5 hours due to computer problem. Wall Street Journal web site goes down. CORRECT
 7/5/2015 July 6th and/or 7th should see a 3-digit move in the DJIA. Correct -- Low on the 6th was -165 and on the 7th it was -217 CORRECT
 6/29/2015 The week should finish higher for stocks. Wrong -- Never recovered from the 300+ drop on Tuesday. WRONG
 6/28/2015 The 29th or 30th will see a 3-digit move in the DJIA. Correct -- DJIA closed -350.33 points CORRECT
 6/27/2015 One of the last two trading days of June will finish lower. Correct -- 6/29/15 the DJIA closed down -350.33 points. CORRECT
 6/14/2015 The 16th should finish lower. Correct -- The DJIA closed -107.67 CORRECT
 6/13/2015 6/17/15, +/- 1-day, should see a 3-digit move in the DJIA. Correct -- the 16th saw a 113.31 point gain in the DJIA, and the 18th saw a 189 point gain CORRECT
 6/9/2015 Wednesday the 10th will see stocks close higher. Correct -- DJIA closed up 236.36 points CORRECT
 6/8/2015 Stocks will sell-off on Monday and Tuesday. Correct -- DJIA fell -82.91 on Monday, and -2.51 on Tuesday. CORRECT
 6/8/2015 Wednesday and/or Thursday will see a 3-digit move in the DJIA. Predication based on the V2 (volatility indicator) reaching level 2 as published in this week's newsletter. Correct -- The DJIA closed up 236.36 points on Wednesday CORRECT
 5/29/2015 Stocks should finish lower on Friday Correct -- Subscribers were told to buy Binary Puts for a lower close on Friday. CORRECT
 5/26/2015 A updated report from NOAA showed an increase in the planetary A-Index prompted me to state there would be selling on Thursday and Friday. Correct -- The DJIA finished lower on both days. CORRECT
 5/25/2015 'If the top is not in yet, this will be the week it crests. Notice there were a couple of reversal indicators last week: New Moon and Mercury going retrograde. The market did not drop, but it did go side-ways and started to sell-off on Friday.' Correct -- CORRECT
 5/24/2015 'With Heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius, a big move in precious metals is likely. The Spiral forecast for the GLD and the SLV are both bearish, so a sharp drop is likely.' Correct -- CORRECT
 5/18/2015 Wednesday, Thursday and maybe Friday will be a bearish period for the DJIA Correct -- Wednesday -26.99 Thursday +0.34 Friday -53.72 CORRECT
 5/18/2015 Tuesday thru Thursday is a reversal period for Gold. Correct -- CORRECT
 5/18/2015 Multiple cycles reversing the 18th - 20th. We should see stocks selling off. Correct -- CORRECT
 5/18/2015 Tuesday the 19th, +/- 1-day, should see the DJIA make a 3-digit move. Wrong WRONG
 5/12/2015 UNG will move lower this week. Wrong -- WRONG
 5/11/2015 Predicted on StockTwits that the SPY May15 211 Puts would move above $1.68. Correct -- Quickly reached $1.87 after the Open. CORRECT
 5/11/2015 The Thursday and Friday time period was predicted to be bullish. Correct -- CORRECT
 5/11/2015 Thursday was predicted to see a 3-digit move in the DJIA because the V1 indicator in the weekly OSS INDICATORS newsletter was at 2 on that day. Correct -- Both intraday and the Close were 3-digit moves. CORRECT
 5/11/2015 Monday and Tuesday both had high volatility numbers. We expect to see a 3-digit move in the DJIA at these times. Correct -- Both days had 3-digit intraday moves.  CORRECT
 5/11/2015 The forecast for Tuesday the 12th was that stocks would close the day lower, and subscribers should buy binary puts. Correct -- Stocks closed lower. Binary puts paid a 75% profit. CORRECT
 5/6/2015 After the CME has past, stocks should move higher. Correct -- The worst of the CME was gone by Thursday. DJIA gained 82 points on Thursday, then another 267 on Friday. CORRECT
 5/5/2015 Expecting an incoming CME Wed. or Thurs. Expect selling in stocks.  Correct -- DJIA finished down -80 points. CORRECT
 5/4/2015 OEX, GLD, UUP and VIX all have cyclical reversals on Thursday. The trend in stocks should reverse. Correct -- DJIA results for the first three days of the week +46, -142, -86. Clearly a down trend. DJIA results for the last two days of the week was +82, +267  CORRECT
 5/3/2015 FAST will have a bearish week. Correct -- FAST reached a low of -3.71% CORRECT
 5/3/2015 BBY will have a bullish week. Correct -- It reach a high of +4.47% CORRECT
 5/3/2015 A 3-digit move in the DJIA should happen Tuesday with a +/- 1-day window. Correct -- DJIA closed down -142 points Tuesday.  CORRECT
 4/29/2015 PCLN will drop tomorrow. Correct --> CORRECT
 4/29/2015 The strongest bullish influence for the week have now past. Typically, as the bullish influence wane, stocks are 'likely' to go down. Correct -- DJIA down -195 points on Thursday. CORRECT
 4/28/2015 Planetary A-Index rose to 10 on Thursday and Friday. Should see selling. Correct -- The DJIA dropped -195 points on Thursday. There was a rally on Friday, but there was selling during this two day period. CORRECT
 4/27/2015 Thursday and/or Friday will see a 3-digit move. Correct -- DJIA down -195 points on Thursday CORRECT
 4/27/2015 MU should drop by at least -1.5% at some point during the week. Correct -- Low was -4% CORRECT
 4/27/2015 SPY should drop by at least -1.5% at some point during the week. Correct -- Low was -1.9% CORRECT
 4/27/2015 OEF should drop by at least -1.5% at some point during the week. Correct -- Low was -1.70% CORRECT
 4/27/2015 SP500 will finish lower this week. Correct -- Finished down -1.89. That was a 75% profit on weekly Binary options.  CORRECT
 4/27/2015 Gold should make a bounce higher this week, but if it does, it will be followed with more selling. Correct -- It did move sharply higher, then dropped like a rock. --> CORRECT
 4/27/2015 SPLX should drop by at least -1.5% at some point during the week. Correct -- Low was -5.70 CORRECT
 4/23/2015 Still expecting a pop up in metals. Maybe as early as Friday or Monday. MAYWK1 112.5 CALLS were recommended at the close on Friday.  Correct -- GLD up 2.02% on Monday. SLV up 3.89% on Monday. MAYWK1 112.5 CALLS hit target of 100% profit. CORRECT
 4/20/2015 Expect a sell off tomorrow. Correct -- DJIA closed down 85 points CORRECT
 4/20/2015 Monday and/or Tuesday will see a 3-digit move in the DJIA Correct -- DJIA closed up 208.63 points on Monday the 20th CORRECT
 4/20/2015 INTC will hit a low 1.5% lower than the Close last Friday. Almost -- Hit a low of -1.47 CLOSE ENOUGH
 4/20/2015 INTC will finish the week lower. Correct -- Down -0.37% CORRECT
 4/20/2015 Thursday and\or Friday will see a 3-digit move in the DJIA. Wrong -- didn't happen. WRONG
 4/13/2015 The DJIA should see a 3 digit move on Thursday or Friday. Correct -- CORRECT
 4/13/2015 Friday is very bearish. Correct -- CORRECT
 4/13/2015 Stock should finish lower this week. Correct -- CORRECT
 1/6/2015 I forecasted more selling on Friday due to an increase in Radial Velocity. Correct -- Friday, 1/9/15, DJIA -170.50 (0.95%) CORRECT
 7/29/2014 Expect a drop around Wednesday. Intra-day it should reach -1% for the stock indices. Bingo! --> CORRECT
 7/29/2014 I’ll be watching PALL with a close eye. It could be a signal that metals are going to pull-back. PALL --> GLD --> SLV --> CORRECT
 7/29/2014 Monday is a Bearish Spiral day. Expect a -0.50% or greater intraday drop, and a lower close. As always, the window is +/- 1-day. Monday finished up. That greatly increase the chance of a drop on Tuesday. Binary Option trades were told to buy Puts on a lower close. Table of all Spiral days where the indicator flashed a Bullish or Bearish day --> MIXED
 7/29/2014 Bearish week ahead  Bingo! --> CORRECT
 7/21/2014 Thursday is predicted to see a 3-digit move in the DJIA. Got the move on Friday. That was within the +/- 1-day window. CORRECT
 7/21/2014 Thursday is a bearish spiral day. The DJIA finished lower on Thursday, but other indices finished higher, so we expected Friday to be a down day for all stock indices. It was. CORRECT
 7/20/2014 TLT and TBT sure look like they are going to reverse this week.   Bingo! --> CORRECT
 7/14/2014 USO (Oil) has been moved against the red line all week. I expect a move higher this week It had a bullish week. see chart --> CORRECT
 7/14/2014 We also have the Moon in Aries. Stocks tend to make larger than average moves during this 2 to 3 day period. DJIA close down -161.39 on Thursday, and up 123.37 on Friday. Those move are larger than average.  CORRECT
 7/13/2014 Monday and Friday are both likely to see the DJIA make 3-digit moves. Monday looks bullish. Friday looks bearish. 07/17/14 -- DJIA -161.39 at the close. All indicators are good within a +/- 1-day window. CORRECT
 7/13/2014 Monday and Friday are both likely to see the DJIA make 3-digit moves. Monday looks bullish. Friday looks bearish. 7/14/14 -- DJIA gained move than 100 points. MIXED
 7/13/2014 Spiral charts indicator Thursday (+/- 1 day) to see DJIA drop at least 1/2%. 07/16/14 -- DJIA did not drop on Wednesday, so most likely it will happen on Thursday, but a chance it will happen on Friday. 07/17/14 -- DJIA down over 160 points. Bingo! MIXED
 7/13/2014 Charts for three of the four precious metals ETF's are all showing a dip coming up most likely this week. Yup! see chart --> CORRECT
 7/13/2014 ALERT – NOAA is predicting a sharp spike in the Planetary A-Index. If that happens, then a sharp drop will occur in the stock market. Could see another -180 point drop. Boom! Look at what happened Thursday --> CORRECT
 7/13/2014 The purple line reversed on last Wednesday, so I am expected a move higher in the beginning of the week. --> Higher she went --> CORRECT
 7/9/2014 I expect a 3-digit move in the DJI tomorrow.  DJIA was down 180 points at the low for the day CORRECT
 7/9/2014 Tonight's Candle Count indicator went over .80%. Usually means selling is to follow. 7/10/14 -- DJI was down 180 points are the low today. CORRECT
 6/30/2014 I think we are going to see the DJI make a 3-digit move tomorrow or Wednesday.  7/1/14 DJI finished up +129 (077%). At the high of the day it was up +172.10 (1.02%)  CORRECT
 6/26/2014 TLT ready to move down. --> Just like clockwork --> CORRECT
 6/25/2014 The bearish Mars Oppose Uranus aspect has past. Stocks should move higher.  Oh ya! See chart --> CORRECT
 6/25/2014 WGO reports earnings tomorrow. I gave it a green arrow. WGO did move higher today. See chart --> CORRECT
 6/24/2014 HTZ should move lower when earnings are announced tomorrow 6/25/14 It moved lower. CORRECT
 6/24/2014 FUL should move lower on earnings tomorrow 6/25/14 Moved lower, but finished higher. MIXED
 6/23/2014 Tuesday or Wednesday should see a sizable move down. If not Tuesday, then Wednesday would be a good time to buy some SPY Puts. Tuesday was the big move down. CORRECT
 6/23/2014 WAG earnings tomorrow. I am giving it a red arrow. On the 24th it lost as much as 2%, and closed the day down -1.70%. See chart --> CORRECT
 6/23/2014 The Aggregate Buy Sell blue line has turned down. Bearish influence continues through Tuesday. Alert -- Candlestick count has dropped to 15 = bearish  DJI lost 119 points. CORRECT
 6/23/2014 Largest move for the week should be Wednesday. Yup CORRECT
 6/17/2014  Tuesday Night 1) Posted FDX chart due to earnings. The stock has responded well to CIT Spiral indicators. Today it formed a bullish engulfing after a drop. I also ran the BuySell indicator, and got a Buy last Thursday 6/12/14 Nailed it!!! CORRECT
 6/17/2014 I expect the market to move higher into the Venus Sextile Jupiter aspect on Wednesday. Nice! --> CORRECT
 6/16/2014 Bonds look weak Lost 1.50 see chart --> CORRECT
 6/3/2014 From the 6th to the 13th, SLV (Silver ETF) should rally. And then some. --> CORRECT
 6/1/2014  The 9th thru the 11th should not see a large rally and could drop. Well, there was no big rally although the market did make a new high on the 9th then pulled back --> WRONG
 6/1/2014 The 16th - 18th should see stocks moving higher, and it is likely to be much higher. And the 18th +/- 1-day should be the big move for the week. Both predictions were accurate --> CORRECT
 6/1/2014 Expect a move lower 23rd to 25th Bingo! -- > CORRECT
 6/1/2014 The 12th or 13th should see a tradable drop. It was the 12th --> CORRECT
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